CHHS students enjoy homecoming week

Ben Barrett, Reporter

Chelsea High School’s homecoming was the week of October 8th. We did not have class on that Monday due to it being a teacher work day. Every day was a different dress up day in which all grades would dress differently according to the theme of the day Tuesday was the dressing of the decades, freshman were the ”funky freshman”, sophomores were “Egyptian”, juniors were “cavemen”, and seniors were “toga day”.

On Wednesday, all grades wore clothes for “American day”, they wore everything from American flag bandanas to cut off jeans. One student even stood elevated in the middle of the intersection draped in an American flag while everybody sang the national anthem and looked at her.

On Thursday the theme was class day, freshmen were “fratty freshmen”, they wore hats backwards, button down shirts and khaki shorts. sophomores wore “super sophomores”, they mostly wore superhero costumes. The juniors were “junior juniors”, they wore baby clothes such as onesies and had binkies in their mouths. They also all laid down in the lobby in one big pile and cried and went “wahhhhhh” for a few minutes. Seniors were “senior seniors’ and wore old people clothing with baby powder in their hair and pillows stuffed into their clothes. Some students even went the extra mile and brought a walker to school. They also fell down but when they fell down, many would scream for life alert and a girl dressed with a shirt saying life alert would stand up.

On Friday, all grades wore different colors for the Class Olympics, a contest of different sorts of events in which classes would face each other in games from musical chairs to volleyball to tug-of-war. The freshmen wore all grey, sophomores wore all white, juniors wore all blue and seniors wore all black.

To end out the school day, all grades had a dance competition against each other called the class clash. Representatives from each grade had to choreograph and practice for weeks to get ready for it. After the football game that Chelsea lost, was homecoming. The theme for this year was The Great Gatsby. It was $20 at the door to get in and lasted until 12:30pm.

After the dance, homecoming week was officially over until next year.