First Time Experiences at CHHS Homecoming

Rachel Johnson, Reporter

It has been over a week since Chelsea High’s 2017 Homecoming week and students are finally back into the swing of regular class schedule and new units that come with the beginning of the second nine weeks.

Homecoming week is different for everyone, but the majority of students can easily agree that it throws off the course of regular classes.

The Chelsea Buzz interviewed a couple students who experienced homecoming for the first time this year on how they felt about the entire homecoming week and their experiences.

Chase Cowart enjoyed his homecoming week, saying that it was “stress free and peaceful”. His favorite part of homecoming was the dance, and the week off of homework. When asked if homecoming lived up to his expectations, he told the buzz “It lined up perfectly with what I had heard. I heard that homecoming was the best week of the year and I believe it”.

The second student the Chelsea Buzz interviewed was Angela Howard. Howard said her homecoming week was fun, and her favorite part of the week was the dress up days. She said that everything she had been told about homecoming was true, and though she enjoyed it, she is happy for it to be over.

Overall homecoming was largely eventful for students at Chelsea High. Each student has a different perspective and opinion; however, it is mostly agreed on that homecoming won’t be something students will soon forget, and will instead live on in their high school memories forever.