Installation of CHHS Career Technical Officers Ceremony

Olivia Hand, Reporter

On September 20th, 2017 Chelsea High School presented an installation ceremony for all of their Career Technical Education officers. This included all officers from Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Teachers of America, and SKILLS USA. In total, 23 students from different leadership programs became officers. Members from each program came to witness, along with family and friends.

The installation ceremony began with introductions from Mr. Wayne Trucks, who is the principal at Chelsea High School, saying The Pledge of Allegiance. Then on to the Out of the Blue Show Choir performing the National Anthem. The welcoming of The Mayors came afterwards with Chelsea’s Mayor, Mr. Tony Picklesimer, and Westover’s Mayor, Mr. Larry Riggins. They both spoke briefly sharing their appreciation for the officers and the tasks they are undertaking.

The officers were inducted after the speeches. Each called up by their officer position and name by Mrs. April Stone, the Executive Director of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce. She announced each officer’s name and position onto stage. They took an oath applicable to their assigned officer holdmenship. They became inducted officers with pride.

Of the ceremony, Mr. Thomas Rayam was the guest speaker. He shared experiences of his former professional football self, and how they have helped him today. He read aloud inspiring poetry written by his brother.  He gave profound, kind words to all the officers, and those who were able to witness.

The Career Technical Education Officer Ceremony was a fantastic day to not only the officers, but also the members, and sponsors of each leadership program who came to support. This was a memorable experience for the officers, and will lead them onto a full year with stride.

Chelsea High School thanks all who have played a part in making the ceremony a memorable event for their students.