Coach Swee talks about Chelsea volleyball teams


Hannah Carlisle, Reporter

Coach Swee shared some of her thoughts and ideas when asked a few questions about the Chelsea High School volleyball teams.

Q- “Do you have any goals for the volleyball team?”

A- “Goals for the freshman would be to win the freshman tournament, which is the first weekend in October. Goals for varsity would be to advance to Regionals.”

Q- “How many games has both teams had so far?”

A- “The freshman team, which is what I coach, were two and two. So we’ve won two, lost two and then the varsity team I don’t have the exact number, but last time I checked, they lost three games, two to the same team.”

Q- “Do you enjoy teaching volleyball?”

A- “I do, I didn’t play a lot in school, I only played two years, so it’s different because I don’t know a lot about it, but it’s like a really fun sport. It’s really fast paced, the girls are phenomenal. Their really good to work with too.”

Q- “Are you the only coach or is there another person who does the varsity team?”

A- “Yeah, so Coach Pickett is the head coach for varsity and the entire program and then Coach Adams, she is JV’s head coach and then I’m the freshman coach. So there’s three. We make a good team”

Q- “How do you prepare before a game?”

A- “I’m just one of those people, I don’t really like look at the other team. I like to eat before a game, but basically I’m not really worried about what the other team does. If we take care of what we need on our side of the court, then we’re gonna come out with a W. So defensively we’re gonna control what happens, offensively we’re in control of what happens, as long as we do what we’re supposed to do, we’re gonna win. That’s just how I prepare my girls and take care of our side. That’s how I look at it.”

Q- “In volleyball, do you have to have a lot of strength in your arms, or just your legs, or both?”

A- “Actually, it’s your core. Most people don’t know that, so it’s actually your core, especially when you’re getting your power for your swing. Your snapping and your core’s getting that momentum, so you have more power behind the ball. Also your core helps build you up, so when you’re trying to jump, you’re using your whole body. So yeah you do have to have a lot of leg strength, mostly in like your hamstrings, but actually your core is the big category.”

Q- “What do you think’s the most important thing about volleyball?”

A- “I think training wise probably just working together as a team, but I think on the court the biggest thing is communication. So, the girls talking to each other, having a positive attitude, lifting each other up. It’s a very mental game, so if you make one mistake it’s easy to be down. Just communication with the girls, with what’s going on with the court, lifting each other up when their down.”