A Walking Tour Through Chelsea History

A Walking Tour Through Chelsea History

Daniel Bartlett, Reporter

The city of Chelsea, Alabama has a long and detailed history, and the young Chelsea Alabama Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and presenting that history. Jenny Bartlett, the society’s historian, has answered some questions about their next event, which will be held on Sunday the 24th.

A few months ago, Bartlett led a walk through of the historical Quinn cemetery, describing the history around it and the people resting there. She told stories about their lives, and the impact they made on the community of Chelsea.

This time around, she will be doing the same thing at Mt. Calvary, but with an extra catch. They will be holding a church service accurate to how one would have been held back in 1856!

“The Mt. Calvary church community plays an important role in Chelsea history,” Bartlett says,  “I’ve looked at it many times over the years and wondered what it was like when it was still alive full of members. Mt. Calvary was not just the church but also the post office and school. It was the only building, the center of the community.”

Like she did at Quinn, she will also be talking about the church history, the community, and its founding members.

Bartlett says that anyone wanting to attend should dress casually, with shoes fit for walking around outside. The event starts at 3 PM, Sunday September 24, at Mt. Calvary Church on Hwy 74 in Chelsea.