Rick and Morty Season Three Leaving Its Mark on 2017

Julia Gigis, Reporter

Rick and Morty Season Three Leaving Its Mark on 2017 by Julia Gigis

It’s been about a month since season three of Rick and Morty officially launched. With only six episodes aired so far, it’s fair to say the genius comedy behind Justin Roiland deserves the attention it has received. Rick and Morty is an animation on Adult Swim following the life of Rick Sanchez, a narcissistic grandfather creating chaos in his daughter’s garage. Rick goes on interdimensional travels alongside his easily distressed grandson, Morty Smith. The duo are based on the iconic pair Doc and Marty from the classic 1985 film Back to the Future.

While some fans are critical of the newest season, it seems that the beloved characters have the majority of Chelsea High buzzing all about Rick and Morty. Huge enthusiast, Ben Barrett, claims that Rick and Morty is “the epitome of shows”. Junior, Olivia Hand, agrees, “it’s considerably my favorite (adult) animated TV show.” The show has become one of the most quoted on the internet with phrases such as “wubalubadubdub” and “pickle rick!”

The show took a brief hiatus from airing this past Sunday, however there are plans for it to release four more episodes to conclude season three. The first two seasons are on Hulu, however season three has not yet been posted to anywhere other than the Adult Swim website.