New teacher spotlight: Mr. Harlow

Hamad Haider, Reporter

This edition of the new teacher spotlight is on Mr. Jason Harlow. Mr. Harlow teaches history here at Chelsea High School and he is very excited to begin a new chapter of his teaching career.

Mr. Harlow grew up in Missouri and is a huge sports fan. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball. Before Mr. Harlow arrived at Chelsea High School, he was teaching in Florida. Due to his wife getting a job in the medical field here in Birmingham, Mr. Harlow accepted a job here at Chelsea High School.

When I asked him if he likes it here, he told me that he loves it. He said that the people and the environment are so friendly and it truly makes him feel welcomed. He also added that he loves teaching the kids here because they are so respectful and that makes it easier for him to get his message across.

As a person who has had the opportunity to be in one of his classes, I can tell you that he is awesome. He takes time to talk to each of his students and treats them all the same way. He never makes teaching boring and always implements new ways for us to enjoy what he is teaching to us.

Mr. Harlow is simply an awesome addition to the Chelsea High School family.