Progress being made on new wing


Ben Barrett, Reporter

As many may know, there is a new wing/ extension being added to the school that is going to connect the freshmen hallway to the science hallway.

This new extension will at its earliest be finished around spring break which is at the end of March for those that don’t know. This extension will be most likely be implemented at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Nineteen new classrooms will be built along with a new science lab. There has not been a finalized decision about how many lockers are going to be built but there will possibly be 1- to 2 new banks of lockers, which are usually comprised of about 100 lockers.

The current plan is to have the classrooms be comprised by departments i.e. all be the English department. The extension will be 2 floors and feature an elevator for most likely faculty use only. This wing will be able to accomodate many more students and help Chelsea High meet its students’ needs to the point where it could eliminate the use of portables for at least a few years.

To give an idea of what the extension will look like, image the freshmen hallway but will a floor above and an extension. There will hopefully be a handful of new teachers will be hired to help fill the newly made space. This extension will hopefully allow all students to be indoors and inside the school instead of out in the portables.