Rettig wins talent-rich competition at CHHS


Joe Harmon

Alex Rettig

Avery Hanson, Reporter

The annual CHHS talent show took place on February 16-17, 2017 at the Chelsea High School auditorium. The original talent show took place on the night of February 16. That was the time when all of the contestants performed.

All of the performers were extremely talented. The cost of admission to the show was $5, which is going to help the theatre department fund its Spring Musical, “The Sound of Music.” Several people introduced the contestants to the stage. They all made it humorous, played games, made jokes, etc.  

At that evening’s show, the top five finishers were named. Those were: Alex Retting in first, James Berryhill in second, Gabriel Coats in third, Megan Geralds as tunner up, and Alex Haley and his dog, Doodles, as People’s choice.

The following day, the top performers put on an in-school performance version of the talent show. Students paid $3 to attend and support the contestants and the theatre department. Even people from theatre performed at the beginning of both shows.