Technology in the classroom

Yagna Patel, Reporter

As each day goes by, technology is becoming more and more advanced by the minute and now they have invaded our personal lifestyle, which involves school, personal use of device, and major entertainment purposes.  

Ever since technology has come into classrooms, students and teachers have to learn how to operate and teach students through this new technology.  One major step that has occurred is the World Wide Web.  since more and more teachers are giving homework online, students tend to copy and paste the question and answer in your everyday search engine.  Some teachers think across different school districts that technology and education deteriorates the child’s or student’s mind.  At home or in school, students will have the tendency to go to different websites to discover new websites and see what is contained within them.

Some schools across the state do not have a private monitoring network, allowing students to search whatever they would want to search.  Along with the lack of security in schools, student accounts are not always monitored allowing them to send whatever they need to anyone in or out of the school, depending on some restrictions.

Coming from a school with lots of freedom, I can easily tell that Chelsea HIgh School is a very confined school, where all networking is monitored along with each email that is sent and received by students and teachers. The school I previously attended had lots of freedom, trusted all of the students, and had very little monitoring, which it still does to this day.  

Some school officials cannot keep up with the advancement of a student’s mind and how he or she finds out new websites to test and try out on the school computers and access that information, which may or may not be beneficial to the student.  At the same time, schools do not use very high quality Virtual Private Networks or also known as a VPN.  

VPN is also a major part in how it keeps students safe from bad websites.  Schools can upgrade from a very popular VPN, iBoss, to some higher quality or adjust the current settings for its VPN, so students cannot bypass or find a “backdoor” to access other valuable information teachers and students have stored in their H (Home) drive.