Teacher profile: Mrs. Walker

Avery Hanson and Montece Taylor

Cynthia Walker is an elective teacher here at Chelsea high school who teaches Fashion design and family and consumer sciences. She is also over the club FCCLA which means Family Career Community Leaders Of America.

Her passion did not begin in the classroom, but she was afforded the opportunity with the Auburn University cooperative extension services and began teaching when she moved to Georgia and Washington, D.C.

One of her favorite classes to teach is fashion design because she has an eye for clothing and she love to see students create new fashion clothing. Teaching 25-30 students in consumer science is the most challenging. Being in a crowded classroom and worried about safety of the students and being on a budget is the hardest part.

One way she overcomes the difficulty of this class is she teaches and re-teaches safety in the lab, no one will be allowed to participate in the class unless they pass the safety exam with 100 percent.

Although she does not have a passion for cooking, she does enjoy teaching food and nutrition concepts. The best way she teaches her students are with hands-on techniques. She learn each student to see what each one like and their beliefs on certain things. She learns the behavior of each student and who each student likes and dislike so that the classroom can be a good and peaceful learning environment.

Mrs. Walker’s main goal is to make many students understand the concept of what is being taught and make sure they understand the relevance in what is being taught. Many students enjoy the excitement and teachings of her class & hopes to get more advanced in their learning. Although she is the sweetest teacher ever that can never say no, she is filled with wisdom and longevity.