Teacher profile: Mr. Kirk

Destiny Bui, Reporter

Mr. Kirk is a teacher at Chelsea High School that currently teaches Environmental Science. He was born in Arab, Alabama. He has been teaching for twelve years, and he first started working at Chelsea High School in 2010.

Mr. Kirk graduated from the University of Alabama and worked as a counselor for people with addictions. He became unhappy with this job and his wife came up with the idea of him being a teacher. The advice from his wife lead him to compile a list of wants from a job, this list consisted of the following wants: time to spend with family, watch the kids grow up, a career he could obtain without going back to school, and a job that is not boring.

Teaching ultimately was the best decision for him career wise. He stated that this is his favorite thing about teaching is, “the students, if you will take the time to engage with each one, you will never be bored. You may get frustrated or annoyed, but it is worth it. If you ignore them, first of all you are missing the point of your job, but also you will miss out on a lot of entertainment, education, and inspiration.”

His favorite subject to teach is all of them, really. He says “I like to mix things up. I get bored easily. I could never teach the same thing forever.”  He has had many crazy experiences from teaching, but his most wild is when he shot an air cannon in class and busted a hole in the roof. His most crazy experiences in life in general was Bonnaroo in the years of 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The most influential person he has ever met is Mandy Kirk, his wife, he says that he would follow her anywhere. Kirk is a influential and powerful teacher that has the gift to invoke thought and wonder into all his students.