CHHS teacher turns to online donors

Avery Hanson, Reporter

One Chelsea High School math teacher is one of many teachers across the country asking online donors to help improve her classroom.

Mrs. Goodwin uses to raise funds to benefit her classroom. You might ask, “What is” Well, it is a non-profit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. Mrs. Goodwin’s reason for starting to use was to give her students access to Chromebooks on a daily basis.

On her page, Mrs Goodwin writes, “Using the Chromebooks with a partner, students can complete assignments on Google Classroom, create drawings to help remember shapes and figures, communicate with me, collaborate with other groups, and take online assessments.”

Mrs. Goodwin wants to enhance the learning in technology for her classroom. She would simply change how she teaches, to inform of how the students progress and fill their gaps of knowledge. She has tried using phones to meet the need of technology, but she has found that using phones does not work. Students get too distracted by games and social messages.

Her geometry classroom is filled with 21st century learners who rely on their friends and technology, to communicate. She believes that regular access Chromebooks will  help to expand her students’ learning.   

Charles Best, the founder of, was a teacher for five years and taught English and History. He spent his own money on school supplies. Eventually he figured that there were people out there who would want to help if they could see where their money was going.

You can see Mrs. Goodwin’s page by clicking here: Mrs. Goodwin’s Page.