Teacher profile: Coach Clements

Destiny Bui, Reporter

Coach Clements is a new teacher this year at Chelsea High School as well as a football coach. He was born in Marion, Alabama. He has a love for sports and he played football, basketball, and baseball in high school. Coach Clements first attended Wallace Community College and then attended Grand Canyon University.

He has taught many subjects including Sociology, Psychology, Current Events, Forensic Science, Environmental Science, Physical Education, and Health. Out of all these subjects his favorite is Health. He stated that his favorite was health because, “ I get to interact more with the kids more on a real life basis.” That is also why he loves teaching. Coach Clements still coaches.

One of his craziest coaching experience was when he was coaching baseball. Two players collided with each other and one had ruptured his liver, coded, and died three times. The other one was in the hospital for three to four months. It was ironic because the following year, one of the players came back and became a star quarterback.

He actually started working at Chelsea because he had heard that they had a football opening and applied. He has two very influential people in his life. Which is Jesus and his grandmother. He said “Jesus which was brought to me by my second most influential person in my life, which is my grandmother.”  

I asked him “What is your main goal you want to achieve through teaching?”  He responded with “To see as many young adults and students to become successful citizens in our society.” Coach Clements is a very great teacher who really wants to make a positive impact in your life.