Book Review: Althea & Oliver

Julia Gigis, Reporter

Althea & Oliver by Cristina Moracho is a teen fiction book that centers around the friendship of high schoolers, Oliver Mckinely and Althea Carter.

As Althea begins to crush on Oliver, he develops Kleine Levin Syndrome. KLS is a condition that makes Oliver fall asleep for long periods up to a whole summer in his case.

Oliver goes to New York to a hospital where his case is closely monitored. Althea runs away to New York to confess her feelings. She ends up staying with a quirky group of New Yorkers in a crowded house where they all reside.

This story is far from the typical cliche romance and illustrates the harsh reality of two close friends developing feelings. Moracho is humorous and heartbreaking in this tale of best friends. Althea & Oliver is a must read for a foggy winter day this year.