CHHS Ambassadors visit Ronald McDonald House

Emily Johnson, Reporter

This past Saturday, some of the students involved in the Chelsea High Ambassador program took a field trip the Ronald McDonald House, a non profit organization in downtown Birmingham.

The Ronald McDonald House is a temporary housing facility that provides a temporary place of residence to children, and their families,who are currently seeking treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They have many different programs to help out these families during their time of need.

The Ambassador program is a student led organization that does service projects outside of school, and volunteering here at Chelsea High. Mr. Ryan Buczek is the teacher who oversees and guides the program, while the students plan and run the organization. The ambassadors have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and this field trip was only one of them.

Mr.Buczek said about the experience, “It was awesome to not just serve, but actually work with all the ambassadors to cook the meal on site in their kitchen. That made the experience a lot more enjoyable and humbling at the same time.”

On Saturday, November 12, some of the ambassadors and Mr. Buczek made the trip to the Ronald McDonald House. While they were there serving the community, they took part in many things including cooking meals for the occupants of the house in the kitchens.

One of the senior members of the Ambassador program, Lauren Mims, has been a volunteer at the House in the past, and was able to give the other ambassadors a tour of the facility.