Haunted places in Alabama that aren’t your typical Sloss story

Julia Gigis, Reporter

Highway Five Ghost – Lynn, AL: The story behind this tale takes place on rainy prom night. A teenage girl and her boyfriend fight in the car and she tells him to let her walk. As she walks alongside the highway in her prom dress, she is struck by an eighteen wheeler. The driver didn’t stop and she was found in a ditch the next day.  It is said that while driving down Highway 5 on a rainy day, she will peep into your window to see if you are her killer for revenge.


The Girl on Fire – Montevallo, AL: Montevallo has a beautiful and historical campus. Other than the former house of a slave owner on campus, one hallway in the girl’s residence is permanently marked off. Condie Cunningham was making fudge past curfew in 1908 and panicked that she would get caught. In a hurry, she gathered her mess leaving a flame to her night gown. In great fear, she ran across the hall to her dorm. Within forty eight hours, she died from the severity of the burns. It is said that she was seen through the door with flames in her hair. The door has been replaced several times, however the image of her consistently returned. Eventually her room was shut down as well as the entire hallway. The staff puts out the original burnt door on display for Halloween.


Kate Shepard Bed and Breakfast – Mobile, AL: To wrap up our ghostly stories, we conclude with the Kate Shepard Bed and Breakfast house in Mobile. The house was built in 1897 and used as a private boarding school in 1910 by Kate Shepard herself. The building was made what it is today in 2002 by its current owners, Bill and Wendy. Rumor has it that an elderly lady haunts the Bed and Breakfast. Some say they can feel her presence, however the tale is devoid of enough personal accounts to fuel the fire of the rumor.