Best foods for Thanksgiving

5. Green Bean Casserole – Starting from the top and counting down, green bean casserole would have to be at the end, not only warm and delicious tasting, this dish is a must have on my plate during Thanksgiving!

4. Mac N’ Cheese – My next favorite yummy food that I look forward to biting into on Thanksgiving is Mac N’ Cheese. Steaming hot and freshly done, this should be a favorite for everyone!

3. Turkey – Getting down to my most most favorite delicious dishes on this holiday, Turkey is required!! Obviously everyone eats Turkey on Thanksgiving, this one is loved by everyone and definitely makes your tummy happy!

2. Hawaiian Rolls – With rolls being one of my favorite parts of any dinner in general, these come in for an easy number two. Soft and warm to bite into, they kind of finish everything off.

1. Chicken & Dressing – Out of all the delicious foods we have to celebrate this holiday of giving thanks, chicken and dressing would have to be my favorite. Everyone should love this, but to me it just makes my Thanksgiving whole. Not without my family involved that is!