Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Bradey Shelnutt and Jayda Hope

With Thanksgiving coming up in a little over a week, a couple of our staff writers, Bradey Shelnutt and Jayda Hope, shared their takes on a few reasons you should be thankful this year. 

Bradey Shelnutt

Family And Friends: Family and friends are the people you should be the most thankful for. They are the people who are there for you. They are the people who pick you up when you’re down and cheer you up when you’re sad. They are the most important people in your life and you should be thankful for them.

Freedom: Living in America we know what it is like to be free. A song I heard from a choir had the words “freedom isn’t free” and I believe we should be thankful for those who have or are serving our country and remember that many of them are not going to see their families this Thanksgiving.

Good Food And Water: By good I mean clean. We may not like all foods but we should be thankful for it. Not every country gets clean resources like we do. We should be thankful we get clean resources.

The Election Is Over: This election has had many people going to vote just so the other candidate didn’t win. This election had many people nervous about how the country would be good with the winner. Now that it’s over the supporters of Donald Trump are relieved and thankful that he won. If you don’t support Trump you probably won’t be as thankful.

2016 Is Almost Over:  In some people’s minds 2016 was a year full of achievements. I am not one of those people. Along with other people who feel like 2016 was not their year, I am thankful a new year is coming in about 2 months and hope to set goals I can achieve and be proud of.


Jayda Hope

Family: The first thing I will talk about to be thankful for this Thanksgiving is your family. Many people take having a loving and caring family for granted, there are many children with abusive or no family at all. Love and be thankful for your family, they are always there whgen you need them and you only get one.

Friends: Friends are the next topic that you need to be thankful for, when family doesn’t understand, when you need your secrets kept, or when you need a shoulder to cry on your friends are the people to go to!

Clothes: I think you should be very thankful that you have clothes on your back, shabby or fancy, it shouldn’t matter. Many kids have nothing to wear, maybe one shirt. Think about that when you open your closet and have options to chose from.

Food: We have snacks, appitizers, meals, etc. when around the world children and adults die daily from starvation. Being thankful for your food is important because it keeps you living and like they say, when your tummy is full, your heart is full.

Water: Including other drinks, here we have clean water and fresh soda’s. Not only does water keep your body healthy and in shape, but keeps you clean when you take a shower or a bath!

This thanksgiving take some time and look around you, You’re pretty blessed!!