Catching up with Coach Ritchie

Daniel Bartlett, Reporter

Coach Frank Ritchie is longtime a math teacher here at Chelsea High School. He’s been teaching for thirty-two years, with each one of those years spent at Chelsea.

He currently teaches Honors Algebra II and AP Calculus, but in the past he’s taught every other math class as well. He likes to teach all of his classes, but confesses that the hardest is probably AP Calculus.

Coach Ritchie also admits that the hardest part of teaching is motivating students, which is to be expected, since most kids aren’t always pleased to go to school. At this point, though, that is out shined by his joy from working with those students.

In the past, Ritchie even taught his classes next to his dad’s classes, and the two of them made up the whole math department. He reflects that he’s not been very good at paying attention when students are struggling, but that’s what he’s trying to improve the most.

Overall, the most important advice he could give to a student in his class is “Don’t give up, and relax.”