Top Ten Must-Watch Movies for Halloween

Jayda Hope, Reporter

Hocus Pocus: I definitely think this should be number one, Hocus Pocus came out 1993, so it’s an older movie. Still being my favorite, Hocus Pocus is about a young teenage boy and his sister who decide to explore an abandoned house. They accidentally let out 3 evil witches. Now, they must find the witches book of spells and capture it in order to be saved from becoming immortal.

Blair Witch: Coming in number 2, Blair Witch came out in 2016. A group of teenagers decide to help their friend who’s sister disappeared in the woods of Maryland camping with her friends. So with a legend of the Witch in the back of their minds, they step up and go anyway. Truly terrifying, and a must watch.

The Shallows: Coming out in 2016, The Shallows was a “sit on the edge of your seat” kind of movie. A teenage girl decides to ride out to a hidden beach her mom used to take her too. She’s a surfer. So as soon as she gets there she jumps in, with a few days going by an enormous great white shark makes his appearance. Having to camp out on a rock, with a bitten leg, no food, no communication to anyone, she has to decide what to do.

Morgan: A bioengineered child, being beyond expectations of what her creators thought it would be. Pushed to her limits to be studied and on top of that locked in a room, Morgan loses her patience. Definitely a jump scare movie, and very fun to watch.

The Conjuring: A family who just moved into their new house, with 5 children very soon start to experience paranormal activities around the house. Demonologists are called, many events happen, my eyes were glued. Must see and very scary movie.

Annabelle: A family receives a doll, not knowing what’s in store they keep it in their children’s bedroom as decoration. When strange things start happening they realize it’s the doll causing it. But they can’t get rid of it. Definitely a horror.

Paranormal Activity: This movie comes with screams, so if you aren’t a fan of true stories, it’s not for you. They set up a camera, things happen, but I won’t give it away. I was scared senseless.

The Boy: It’s honestly very hard to explain how scary this one is. Yes, it’s another doll movie. But this one the family cherishes. They need to go away for a while so they get a babysitter for the doll. The girl thinks nothing about the doll and the strict rules the family gave her, and she will get punished for it.

The Cabin in The Woods: When 5 college students take a trip out to a cabin, they are ready for fun. But they don’t know the horrors of the backwoods that await them.

Jaws: Another “sit on the edge of your seat” type movie, It’s normal to surf and go out in the water and have a good time while you’re at the beach right? Well, these visitors and townspeople don’t know what’s waiting for them in the lurky waters. This one’s a classic, a must watch.