Five things you should know about… the Stingettes

Brooke Kuykendall, Reporter


Brooke Kuykendall takes a look at the Chelsea High School dance team

1. Dancing is very hard work – The ladies of the CHS Dance Team are very hard working. They need to have good experience as dancers and nice technique. When they are not preparing for pep rallies or halftime shows, you will find them getting ready for their competitions. These competitions put a lot of pressure on themselves as well as their presentation.

2. There’s a lot of preparation – Before the dancers get to start the season, they have to experience the bittersweet times of- you guessed it- band camp. Many of the dancers admit that while camp is so much fun, there has to be time for work. But, it’s totally worth it.

3. It’s a great way to meet new people – Some dancers have said it’s hard at first to adapt, but everyone soon feels at home! Once the end of the season rolls around they are practically a huge family.

4. Stingettes make tons of sacrifices – As said before, these girls are hard workers, and have to put in time and effort. With that, they practice a ton, 4 days a week and 2 hours each day to be exact. Don’t forget about the field shows too! Sometimes they even have weekend workouts etc.

5. It’s a great experience – Lastly, its a great time for anyone who loves to dance. All of the girls say it’s a blast!