Five things you should know about… the varsity football team

Luke Haywood, Reporter

School has just started back, students are back to the seven hour school days filled with notes, lectures, and quizzes, but school starting also means another thing… football. Arguably the most popular sport in the south. Teams of first graders to college kids are preparing for the season ahead. Since football is starting back these are the things you should know abou the Chelsea High School Varsity Football Team.

1.) Zaylon Reynolds – Most people already know about the stud running back for Chelsea. At 5’7” 180 lbs his size doesn’t sound intimidating but wait until you see him play. The majority of that 180 lbs is muscle and his low center of gravity turns him into a wrecking ball on the field. So with the season coming near keep an eye out for number one.

2.) Playoff Expectations – This season has high expectations as the Hornets are expected to play playoff football again this year. Losing last year to Blount in the playoffs has left the Hornets wanting more. They definitely have the weapons on both offense and defense to put a good brand of football on the field and the way our season went last year it seems as if we have a good chance to have another successful season.

3.) Schedule – One things is for sure this season won’t be handed to us. With highly skilled opponents like Opelika and Ben Russell this season will be a hard fought one. We have five home games this year so come out and support your Hornets. For the full schedule click at this link: 2016 Varsity Football Schedule

4.) Coaching – Coach Elmore and his staff are looking to compete at a high level again this year. After starting last season 5-0 there is no doubt that we have the experience and expertise at the multiple coaching positions to play playoff football like Chelsea expects. On the defensive side Coach Ellison and the strong Hornet defense look to be a dominate force on the field.

5.) Players to Watch – With superb athletes on both sides of the ball and special teams there are plenty of players to watch that will provide exciting action during the season. Like I mentioned before there is Zaylon but this isn’t a one maned team. Senior quarterback number five Matt Marquet will be a key player for the Hornets offense this year with a multiple of targets to throw to. On defense you have senior outside linebacker and defensive end number seven Reagan Wortham looking to a make an impact as he’s proven he can. Also, focus on the offensive line as senior guard number fifty Houston Needham looks to dominate the trenches once again. With the season coming near lookout for these players to make a difference on the field in their last year as a hornet.