Five things you should know about… binge watching Netflix

Jayda Hope, Reporter

  1. YOU WILL GO THROUGH A LOT OF SHOWS…LIKE A LOT. – Netflix comes with a good amount of shows to watch, and most are interesting. Some have just a few seasons, and some have 8 or 9. They have a wide variety.. Drama, Mystery, Comedy, and others. So if you want something new to do, find a show you’re interested in on Netflix.
  1.   IT’S ADDICTING…SERIOUSLY. – Netflix is an extremely popular network, everyone watches it. From shows to movies, Netflix almost has everything you can think of. But when you get into a good show, it’s almost all you think about. Episode after episode it gets more suspenseful. So yes, watching Netflix is seriously an addiction.
  1.   IT’S VERY TIME CONSUMING. – With movies being 1-2 hours, and shows having about 12-13 episodes, and every episode being 45-55 minutes, adding seasons, I can tell you Netflix is time consuming. When you sit down and start watching it you get focused and don’t want to stop and you don’t realize how much and how fast time is passing by. So if you’re looking for something that takes up tons of time, binge watch Netflix.
  1.   NATURE WILL CALL…EVENTUALLY. – Knowing a normal human, and being one, we have bladders to empty. Once you get into a show and start to binge watch you will forget and zone in so much that it gets to where you’ve been sitting there for hours without noticing. This is part of the routine, your show is just so good that you’re trying to hold your bladder so you can at least finish the episode.. but come on. Get up!
  1.   YOU WILL NEED GOOD WIFI. – Obviously, if you’re on the internet at all you need wifi. But if you’re watching Netflix you need super good wifi because if not it will buffer. We don’t want that, of course, because then our show stops in the middle of a really good moment and it sucks. So get around some good wifi before you start, I promise the outcome won’t disappoint you.