Kirk takes new approach to lab safety

Yana Deitsch, Reporter

As we know here at Chelsea High School, Mr. Kirk teaches Environmental Science. This year he is taking a new approach to teaching lab safety. Have you ever heard of Breakout Birmingham? It’s a new entertainment experience in the Magic City where you have an hour to find clues and get out of a certain room.

Kirk has brought Breakout into the classroom. He gives his students clues to open a certain box. The students are given morse codes on their phones that lead them to a certain key. The key opens a lock that is latched on the box. The box has multiple locks and each group has to unlock each lock on the box.

After each lock is unlocked, they get a new lock. The clues are mostly riddles. The keys are scattered in odd places in a lab. Sometimes they are in a box or taped to something. Throughout the process, students are learning about lab safety. The whole process takes about a week to complete.

Mr. Kirk has brought a new and fun way to learn about safety. He says he will use Breakout for more topics throughout this year other than lab safety.