Marquet shines in win over Lions


Photo provided by Cari Dean.

Luke Haywood, Reporter

With a 47-15 rout of rival Briarwood there were players on offense and defense   that showed up to play. Players like Dylan Seabolt and Jalyn Miller who accounted for three of the four Briarwood turnovers, but the player of the game goes to the sensational quarterback, Matt Marquet.

With three rushing and one passing touchdown number five led the Hornet offense completing 81.3% of his passes accounting for 119 of the 127 passing yards by Chelsea. When Marquet ran the ball he averaged 9.4 yards in 12 attempts racking up 113 yards to go along with the three rushing touchdowns. In all, number 5 accounted for 232 of Chelsea’s 464 total yards, along with 28 of Chelsea’s 47 points.

As anyone who was in the packed crowd can attest, Marquet’s name was subject to being spoken over the loudspeaker after a multitude of great plays from him through the night. All in all it’s safe to say Matt Marquet deserves to be the player of the game after is jaw dropping performance against rival Briarwood.