Five apps every high schooler should know about

Julia Gigis, Reporter

Three of the most essential school supplies for every student is their cell phone, charger, and headphones. Needless to say, devices revolve around our lives at home and even at school. Not only are cell phones useful for catching Pokemon or shapeshifting into a puppy, but they also have a lot of use in the classroom. Here are five apps every high school student should know about:

Pcalc for IOS: Scientific calculators are expensive and leaving the house seems to be the last thing on the list of a Millennial’s objectives. Of course, the iPhone offers a built in calculator, however, many math courses require a scientific calculator. With Pcalc, students have a scientific calculator on hand at all times so there is no excuse for that Algebra homework you’ve been procrastinating. Pcalc is available for purchase on the App Store for $9.99 or you can download the lite version for free.

Quizlet: Most upperclassmen live by this app, however many freshmen are about to have a life changing experience by downloading it. Quizlet is a free app and website that offers study techniques ranging from flashcards to challenging memory games. It is a great tool to use ten minutes prior to the test you have not studied for.

Sleep Cycle: Developing a regular sleeping pattern during the semester can be tricky, however Sleep Cycle is here to save you from falling asleep during class. This app monitors your sleeping habits with the use of your phone’s microphone and records data of your sleeping pattern then displays it in a chart. The best part about this app is its alarm feature. Users can set an alarm for a designated time frame, such as 5:00-5:30 AM, and the app will wake you during your lightest stage of sleep for an easier morning. Sleep Cycle is free for download on the App Store.

30/30: 30/30 is an app for the majority of high schoolers. That’s right, I’m talking to all of you who struggle with time management. This app helps you set personal deadlines for tasks such as working on homework. 30/30 is available for free on the App Store.

Photomath: This app is the ultimate life hack for math homework. Photomath is for those who struggle with a certain problem and don’t have anyone to check their work. Just simply download the app for free, take a photo of the problem, and Photomath with calculate not only the answer, but the steps to achieve it so that you can learn for next time.