Five things to know…about your xbox one

Walsh Green, Reporter

1. Speed up your game installation: A pain of playing games on xbox one is downloading the game data onto your console’s hard drive. But did you know if you just disconnect from xbox live and then reconnect after the installation, it’ll go faster.

2. Skype your friends: A lot of people like to talk to each other but not through text, so video chatting applications like Skype have been very successful.  Did you know that by downloading the skype app on your xbox one you skype up to NINE of your friends at once.

3. Keep track of achievements: A really fun part of a video game console is achievements.  They add an extra challenge onto a game. First double tap the xbox button to bring up your achievements. Then pin whatever achievement you want to do by pressing “A”

4. Use your phone as a controller: Oh man you lost your controller, now what will you do?  Well assuming you didn’t lose your phone as well you can download the xbox one smartglass app.  Then sync your phone to your xbox one and use that as a controller

5. Continue where you left off on your xbox 360 game: Microsoft has been making a big deal about the xbox one’s backward compatibility. But you can actually play your other xbox 360 games on your xbox one.  First go on your xbox 360 go to settings>system>storage>game.  Then select the game you wanna play on your xbox one.  Select your latest save, them select move, then cloud save games.  Now when you play the game on xbox one it should be there.