Five things to know about…navigating the hallways


Brooks Allen, Reporter


Working the crowded halls of Chelsea High School can be a task, but here are five things to keep in mind that could help you out. Especiall you freshmen.

1. Your map is your best friend. Don’t be afraid to glance down at your map, BUT keep your eyes on the road, don’t stare at your map. If you stare at your map you will bump into people.

2. Four-way streets. Take the corners tight. This will save you time. When you need to cross, wait for a short gap in the crowd, and then go through. Don’t try to stuff yourself through.

3. Treat the hallways as a road. Walk on the side of the hall according to which direction you are going. If you have to stop to tie your shoe, “pull over.” Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway.

4. Use common sense. Don’t run in a hallway. Don’t push people. If you wouldn’t do it on a real road, don’t do it in the hallway. Pokemon Go can wait.

5. Plan your routes accordingly. For a couple of days examine the patterns for the route you walk. For example, the hallway is less crowded within three minutes of the bell ringing. You may need to bring your backpack with you. Plan your routes and you will be on time, every time.