Lockers and Parking Information

We will post the links for lockers and parking on the Buzz

Parking Form

Locker Form

Seniors: June 20 – 23

Juniors: June 24 – 27

Sophomores: June 28 – July 1

Freshmen: July 2 – July 6

If a student attempts access prior to their designated time, they may lose the opportunity to purchase a parking spot

The process will be in two parts

  1. Students will need their email address in order to access the link
  2. Once the necessary information is submitted, students will receive an email with instructions about the second step of the process

Lockers: all students can choose a locker – top lockers are odd numbers and the location of the locker is shared on the list

Parking: Seniors and Juniors ONLY will be allowed to select a parking spot – Lot A is the lot closest to the school, Lot B is the former gravel lot – here are maps:

Parking Layout1617LotA

Parking Layout1617LotB

The following information will be required prior to selecting a spot:

  1. Driver’s License number
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Model
  4. Year
  5. Color
  6. Insurance Company
  7. policy number
  8. policy expiration date
  9. name of policy holder

We will need this information again at registration in order to confirm a parking spot along with a copy of the policy card and student driver’s license