Running Man Challenge catches fire

C.J. Moreno, Reporter

The Running Man challenge has sparked a lot of videos that have spread across the Internet. Mainly appearing on Instagram and Twitter.

The challenge is not even really a challenge, it can feature one or many people dancing in a shuffling way, along to the song I Want To Be Your Lady Baby. The dance is normally videoed in different locations, mainly in schools. The scenes differ from school bathrooms, lobbies, hallways, and classrooms, with the same song playing.

Not only do teens participate in the challenge, small clips have been circulating of a teacher dancing in his classroom as his students laugh. Even British police officers took a video of nearly ten men dancing. Their cars and heavy duty trucks line down the street and the men come out when the song begins to speed up.

Sports teams have also joined in on the fun. Kyrie Irving has posted a video of him performing the fad in the Cavaliers’ locker room. And many high school teams have videoed their team dancing before/after games. And they grow in popularity within school walls.

Many celebrities have danced along the to the song. Many like, Chris Brown, Steph Curry, Justice Winslow, and Von Miller.

The two teens who created the dance are sophomores who play basketball. They performed the dance after one of their basketball games, then posted it to Instagram. It grew like a wildfire and caught on to schools everywhere.

The two, Kevin Vincent, and Jerry Hall, were even featured on Ellen. Which we all know it the peak of all Internet treads. They performed their dancing stunt and were of course given free presents from Ellen.

Here at the Buzz have the song stuck in our heads, and we know it’s being hummed in the halls of Chelsea High. Guess we will have to see how long this joke circulates.