“Captain America: Civil War” gets good marks from CHHS students

Emily Johnson, Reporter

Captain America: Civil War, the newest installment in Marvel’s “Captain America” film sequence hit theaters May 6, 2016. The film has topped its domestic box office total at $215.1 million.

The movie follows the newly formed team of Avengers in their efforts to safeguard humanity. The group, led by Captain America, is involved in another incident resulting in mass collateral damage. Political pressure forces the avengers to install a system of accountability,by forming a governing body to oversee the team. The Avengers, being split by their new status, one group led by Steve Rogers and his desire to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other group following Tony Stark’s decision to support the government control program.

Based on peer comments and reviews, the movie seems to be a standout in the series.

“I thought that the movie was amazing. I have seen the first two Captain America movies and Avengers movies so I had a lot riding on this one, but it lived up to all of my expectations,” said ninth grader, Bella Bass.

Not many students did not like the movie, and if they did it was for small reasons, like preference of actors.

“I’m a die hard Andrew Garfield fan, so seeing that he is no longer Spider-Man kinda ruined the movie for me. Other than that, the movie was really good, I just can’t get over that Andrew Garfield is gone,” freshman, Olivia Skillern said.

A new character from Captain America’s past appears in CA: Civil War, Bucky Barnes. Captain America and Barnes were both injected with a super soldier serum in WWII, causing them to have superhuman abilities.

Throughout the movie, Captain America is on a mission to find and protect Bucky from Tony Stark and the government program. There multiple cameos in the movie from characters like Spider-Man and the Black Panther.

This chart topping movie had an excellent well thought out plot that left viewers wanting more. If you do decide to go watch the film, make sure you stay until the end, Marvel left a few surprises for those that watch the movie all the way through.

Personally, I think Marvel is doing a great job on their movies lately, and I can not wait to see the day when they all tie together. While I have not read any of the comics, the movies are great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a good movie to go see.