PRIDE Survey

     This information applies to current 9th grade and current 11th grade students

Dear Parents,

As we continue our health and safety education efforts at CHHS, we are conducting an anonymous student survey about alcohol and drug use, bullying and peer violence.  The survey will assist us in making informed decisions by providing us with the data we need to evaluate our safety programs and our drug education programs.

To gather this information, we have chosen a Pride Survey questionnaire.  Survey procedures have been developed to protect your child’s privacy and allow for anonymous participation.  While we encourage all students to participate, the decision to participate is voluntary. Your child will have the opportunity to refuse at the time of the survey or you may inform our office, in writing, prior to Monday, March 21st.  There will be no action against you or your child if your child does not participate.

A copy of the survey is available in the principal’s office if you would like to review its content.  A summary of the information gathered will be shared with parents when results are collected.

Thank you for working with us as we continue our efforts to guide our students towards healthy and safe behaviors.