New student spotlight: Re’Shard Taylor

Katherine Hoffman, Reporter

Each year, new faces fill the halls of Chelsea High School. The majority of those new faces come in the form of incoming freshmen, but occasionally new students move in from outside the district to attend CHHS.

One such student is Re’Shard Taylor, who joined the Chelsea High family a few weeks ago after moving to the area from Auburn, where he attended Auburn High School. So far, Re’Shard said he likes Chelsea, which he said gives off a “family-like feel” in the community.

“I like the people here,” he said. “They are very nice, welcoming people. I have met some cool friends here.”

Re’Shard, who is a member of the junior class, said his favorite subject in school his history, adding, “I like to know what the world was like back then compared to now.”

He also said that he enjoys basketball, which he considers one of his main hobbies. He added that he plans to try out for the basketball team when tryouts are held later this year.

If you see Re’Shard in the halls, make sure to continue making him feel welcome.