(Dang) Daniel!

(Dang) Daniel!

CJ Moreno, Reporter

The Buzz had noticed a lot of attention drawn to the new social media fad of Daniel.

The trend consists of Daniel’s friend, Zach, following around Daniel commenting on his white Vans. Zach’s voice changes when he says, “(Dang) Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans.”

The teenagers live in California and were featured on Ellen. Zach received a surfboard (which is Zach’s favorite pastime) and Daniel got a lifetime supply of Vans.

Rumors spread that Daniel was mugged and his famous white vans were stolen. A lot of Ebay auctions started in the sale of Daniel’s Vans.

Many students around Chelsea High School think the meme is the funniest thing ever, while others think it’s beyond stupid. The buzz interviewed many teachers to get the truth behind Daniel.

Most teachers claimed they really didn’t understand it. Which is common, many people don’t understand the fad. Ms. Delaine, one of the school counselors, said is was just another teenager thing and it’ll be over in a month.

For those with the name Daniel, the Buzz puts our love into your heart. Only a few more weeks of your suffering.