Student survey: Valentine’s Day!

Chelsea Buzz Staff

We asked a variety of Chelsea High School students their opinions on Valentine’s Day. This year’s Valentine’s Day is coming up on Sunday. Here are their responses:

“I think it’s a good concept but I don’t like it when it’s the only day out of the year that couples actually tell/show each other how much they care for each other.” — Lauren Peacock, 12th grade

“I think that Valentine’s Day is a great day for people to celebrate their loneliness.” — Andrew Bartlewski, 9th grade

“I think Valentine’s Day is a very loving day.” — Sammy Shepherd, 9th grade

“Valentine’s Day is a great time to share love with your significant other.” — James Berryhill, 9th grade

“Eww, it should be illegal.” — Aurora, 10th grade

“I think it’s a great holiday to express your love for someone whether it be your family, friends, or partner.” — Kaylyn Wheeler, 12th grade

“I think it’s a nice day to remember and celebrate relationships with friends and loved ones.” — Madison Alder, 12th grade

“I don’t really see the point to it honestly, I mean I never have a boyfriend around the time for the holiday and I don’t enjoy it personally. Just another useless holiday for me.” – Maddie Vaughan, 9th grade

“It’s expensive…but I get chocolate! Oh and bears! Bears are good.” – Emma Zaiontz, 9th grade

“It is a day for cooties to the maximum and shipping fan art.” – Liam Wright, 9th grade

“I think that Valentine’s Day is ok for couples but it is stupid for everyone else. It’s sweet when couples celebrate the holiday, and everything else about it is annoying.” — Megan Helmly, 9th grade