Planning for the future


Emily Johnson, Reporter

As the end of the school year is coming up, college for seniors is coming closer. The Chelsea Buzz wanted to know what seniors are going to do after high school and what they plan to do with their adult lives. Answers varied, but one stood out the most, college.

The majority of students interviewed said that they either were committed to a college or were planning to go to college. High School is only a stepping stone to take you where you want to go in life. The Buzz compiled the top three interviews of Chelsea High School seniors on what said they are going to do with their lives after they graduate in May.

Seth Smith, senior, sat down with the Buzz and discussed his plans for after Chelsea High. Seth has not yet decided which college he will be attending but he has it narrowed down to a few. He has been looking at Jacksonville State University, South Alabama, and Auburn. He said, “I like all of these colleges because of their location and their programs. Location wise, I was looking for anything close to a family member. It would be really great to live with family and save money on tuition.”

Seth would like to study radio communications or computer science. His dream job is to be on sports radio or be a regular on Sportscenter, but if that didn’t happen he would like to do something computer related, such as being a software developer or a computer programmer.

Seth told the Buzz he is going to miss high school and hopes that the relationships he made will stay with him throughout his life.

Next, Jacob Johnson revealed his plans for the future with the Buzz.  Jacob said, “I have already chosen a college, I am attending Auburn University next semester. I chose auburn because I have always loved it there.”

When asked about his opinions on the size of Auburn he said that it is big, but it has a great atmosphere, and that he is hoping that atmosphere will bring a bunch of fun. Jacob said that he is minoring in business and majoring in engineering and marketing. He wants to do a lot in the future and he needs the degrees to do that. His final thoughts on the future were, “I want to have a lot of experience under my belt for the future. After I get out of college I want to be happy in whatever I do, but I don’t know what it is yet. I want to enjoy every bit of life that I’ve got.”

Last but not least, senior Larry Johnson shared his hopes and dreams or the future. He said, “I am going to attend UAB this fall. I am studying mass communications with a focus in broadcasting.”

When prompted with why he chose UAB he told the Buzz it was because UAB isn’t too far but far enough so that he can be independent. He also liked UAB because it’s average sized so he won’t feel miniscule compared to the other students. While he was there, UAB, he felt at home and safe. Larry said about his life after college, “after college I would like to be a sports broadcaster, on sports radio. on senior interview day a rep from jocks came and told me I had potential and gave me the information for their internship program after I graduate.”

As you can see, Seniors are planning for the future, and are using everything they have learned at Chelsea High School to achieve their goals in the future.