Kids Toys

Kids Toys

Daniel Bartlett, Reporter


As all children grow up their interests do to. You won’t find a 16 year old listening to “The Wiggles” newest album, but you might find one building complex structures with legos. Many teens are told that they shouldn’t play with “kid’s toys”, but are either still interested in them or don’t know what would be a “kid’s toy.” Twenty teens were asked what they think about this, and the results are revealed in the following paragraphs.

Minecraft is a controversial game on this issue. Many adults will remark this game as for kids, since it is rated E 10+ by the ESRB. How these adults could think this is shocking, because Minecraft is also the best selling PC and Xbox 360 game of all time. The teens asked have a different opinion on this however, with 8/10 of them agreeing that it is a game made for all ages.

Nerf blasters are a different story however. Only 3/10 teens believe that Nerf guns are for all ages. This is somewhat shocking, because the new Nerf line “Rivals” sports a 14+ label on the two flagship blasters, the Zeus and the Apollo. Another factor against this opinion is Youtube. On Youtube there are several channels with thousands of subscribers dedicated to reviewing, modding, and warring with Nerf blasters. Some examples of these are Coop772, LordDraconical, and Nerf Gun Attachments.

The final toy these teens were asked about is Legos. Lego markets their wide range of building blocks to children, with licenced sets, cute minifigures, and easy to follow instructions. This is contradicted by the 10/10 unanimous agreement that  Legos are for all ages by the teens. This one must shock no one, people spend countless hours building these blocks into anything they can imagine, and as we all know, no one can grow out of an imagination.

The last question to be answered is what should be the cutoff age for kids toys? The average age the teens gave was 12, but that average comes from only 3 results, as 17 of the 20 teens said never! Yes, it seems that despite what the parents say, you can never pull someone away from their toys.