Mrs. Montgomery’s French Adventure


Alexis McAdory & Lia McAnally, Reporters

Mrs. Bonnie Montgomery, an English & French teacher here at Chelsea High, talked to the Buzz recently about her journey to being a French teacher, learning French, and giving her students great knowledge.

Mrs. Montgomery said that her freshmen year of college is when she decided to start this career.  Nursing was on her mind at first, but she wanted to teach more. Now that her dream has come true, she is able to help other students with their journey and is very dedicated to her job.

As she has in the past, she plans on taking CHHS students on a trip to Europe and France so her students can experience learning about another culture for themselves. She wants them to experience this, because she enjoyed the challenge of doing it herself.

Another thing Mrs. Montgomery pointed out was that French and Spanish are both equally difficult, but the challenges learning another language can provide makes it fun. Mrs. Montgomery knows that even though the main part of this journey has happened there is still a lot even she can learn.

Mrs. Montgomery ended her interview with the Buzz by telling us her favorite French saying, which is, “Mieux vaut tard que jamais,” which means better late than never.