A first-hand account at ‘Godspell’ auditions

Lexi Williams, Reporter

On January 25 2016, the Chelsea High School theatre and choir department hosted auditions for the spring musical, Godspell. The thirteen roles offered in the musical are soon to be filled by the eager students.

Starting immediately after school on Monday (01/25) students went to the auditorium and prepared to be put to the test. Mrs. Alder, of That’s the Pointe dance studios, led the students into simple dances to test their ability to dance. Being a musical, dancing would be included in the production. Auditioners were taught a dance to a musical song and a jazz song. When the dancing started, you could feel everyone’s nerves calming down.

The vocal auditions started after the instruction of the jazz dance. One by one, eight students went at a time to show off their singing abilities. Students prepared a musical theater piece to sing for Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Dick. They could sing the piece with or without music.

Callbacks were on Tuesday, January 26. Select students who the directors thought had promising talent were called to do readings of the script to test their acting abilities.

The final cast list will be posted on Friday, January 29. Good luck to everyone who tried out.