Chelsea students discuss favorite Christmas traditions


Emily Johnson, Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas season has just started and already Chelsea High has been spreading the Christmas spirit. The Chelsea Buzz set out to find people’s favorite Christmas traditions are to help readers learn more about Christmas and possibly add new traditions to their holiday festivities. Here are the Buzz’s top five picks for 2015 favorite Christmas traditions.

When asked about her favorite Christmas traditions, ninth grader Lindsey Bergert said, “Out of all my favorite Christmas traditions, my favorite would have to be spending Christmas Day with my family. My mom cooks a really big breakfast and we all hang out and have a really great day.” This was one of most common favorite tradition among the students interviewed.

Next, the Chelsea buzz interviewed 10th grader Mary Brennan Gage, she said, “My favorite Christmas tradition is when everyone goes to my grandmother’s house and helps decorate her tree because she gets a very very big one every year. She and my grandfather couldn’t do it by themselves! Or my favorite could be when my family decorates my tree! it’s just fun to be around your family decorating for Christmas!” Decorating with family was also a very common pick for favorite traditions.

Kristen Lundy, senior here at Chelsea high, also spoke to the buzz about her favorite Christmas tradition. She answered, “In my family the night before Christmas, or Christmas Eve, we open a set of pajamas and we wear them that night and on Christmas Day.” Although most of the students interviewed said they open presents on Christmas morning, a fair amount apparently also open one present, usually pajamas, on Christmas Eve.

Allison Bishop, freshman, replied to the buzz’s questions saying, “ my favorite Christmas tradition is watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas with my family. It is our favorite movie, and while we watch it we all sit around in our pajamas and drink hot chocolate talking about anything and everything.” Watching a favorite movie was by far the most popular answer to the Buzz’s question. Movies ranged from classics like White Christmas to comedies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf.

As you can see, everyone has their own traditions for Christmas. From movies, to opening gifts early, everyone has a great time anticipation Christmas. Even if it is not your favorite holiday, the entire month of December is alwayS filled with laughs, fun and family. Hopefully these traditions and memories will help to instill the Christmas spirit in you. Merry Christmas from the Chelsea Buzz!