Weekly Plans: October 26 – November 1

Senior Class fees$65 due to Ms. Hooper or Ms. Trippeer

Please help with survey regarding options for Virtual School: Virtual School Survey

Monday – Happy Birthday Coach Schmidt – in-school play performance Dark of the Moon $5 – Pep Rally schedule

Tuesday – Auburn Trip – College and Career Center visits 7th period – Spirit Night for baseball program at Lee Branch Zaxby’s 6pm

Wednesday – PISA test – Senior Class meeting during 7th period

Thursday – Football hosts Thompson – Senior Night program begins @ 6:30pm – Pep Rally schedule – Tye Dye Thompson: 12th-green, 11th-yellow, 10th-orange, 9th-blue

Friday – Happy Birthday Ms. Radice – Outside-In day @ Chelsea Middle School

Sunday, November 1st: Miss Birmingham Pageant – Miss Alabama Pageant preliminary event

Football Playoffs – Friday, November 6th @ either Blount or Saraland – 7pm

Saturday, November 14th – Flapjack breakfast @ Applebee’s – proceeds benefit FBLA and Peer Helpers