Competitions are their forte: Marching band spotlight

Lexi Williams, Reporter

Saturday September 26, the Chelsea High Marching Band competed in the first competition of the season: “Sparks in the Park” at Spain Park High School. The Chelsea Buzz wanted to get the inside look on the intensity of competitions, practices, and shows.

The drum majors are Claire Wilson, senior, and Kathryn Williamson, junior. The captains that were represented at the competition were Abby Marbut, senior; Mathew Fortinberry, senior; Kaci Coleman, senior; and Matthew Rizzo, senior. These captains and drum majors received the two awards given to the band: Best Dance Team In Class and Best Majorettes In Class.

Marching band is harder than Hollywood makes it out to be. Based on an anonymous poll, more students believed that marching band is not as difficult than the students who believed that it was hard. Already twelve weeks into running the show, marching season is coming to a close.

Tenth grader Chase Peoples spoke to the Buzz about the season.

“This year is coming up on my third year marching with the Chelsea High band,” Peoples said. “I think the band as a whole did decent for this early in the marching year. We practice incredibly

The weekly practice schedule is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30. On certain weeks or days, practice may be extended. Competitions may also cause practice to be all throughout the week.

The color guard, dance team, and the majorettes are also very important in the “world of marching band”. The show would be bland if there were not bright flags waving, batons twirling, or the girls dancing.

Put everything together, and, viola, you have a great show. Now, combine that with hours of practice, and you’re sure to have a fantastic show. The band has two more competitions: Saturday, October 10 and Saturday, October 17.

So, the next time you are at a football game and you hear the band playing, take time to listen and appreciate all of their hard work. And remember, it’s a great day to be a Hornet!