10th grade Student of the Month: Vania Chavez

Fatima Maldonado, Reporter

Vania Chavez, a current sophomore was one of the four Chelsea High School students that were chosen by faculty members as student of the month for September.

The Buzz caught up with Vania to ask her a few questions in an attempt to get to know her better.

She was asked as to why she thought she was chosen as student of the month. In a happy smile Vania responded by saying, “I think I was chosen because I helped the new people that couldn’t speak or talk English.”

Students are chosen not only for their ability to excel in the classroom, but also for their generosity in helping others, as well as their personalities.

Vania provided us some facts about herself. Her favorite subject is math because she has a really good teacher. Vania’s favorite hobbies include getting on social media, hanging out with friends, and taking pictures for the fun of it. She says that she wants to go to college and be a surgeon after she graduates.