The Big Season: Chelsea football team strives for playoffs

Hornets are 5-2 through seven weeks


Chelsea vs. Briarwood 2015 (Photo courtesy Cari Dean)

C.J. Moreno, Reporter

Bright lights, the smell fresh turf, stadium food, and school pride are the essentials to a good football game. Everyone in Chelsea High School knows the big hype when the football players take behind the blow up and the Hornet Pride Band begins to play. Moreover, the football team wants to take home the championships.

Even halfway through the football season things are looking pretty fair. Although the Chelsea High School varsity football team lost to Opelika  and Benjamin Russell the past two weeks, hopes still look high and the playoffs look more like reality. Many players strive to beat their previous season and take home the championship. Most of the games have been rather intense due to the end game touchdowns like when the Hornets played against Briarwood. Chelsea scored a last minute touchdown that sealed the win against their rivals. The win gave a large moral boost that gave way to four wins until Opelika beat us 40-25.

The Hornets will continue play next weekend and look to get back to their winning ways against Pell City on October 16. That will be followed by the last region game at Oxford.

Many football players have trained hard for the games and opposing teams better look out. Our school’s coaches are pushing their players harder and are trying for a great season. Most players are expected to tackle school, social life, and extra curriculum activities. This, plus the intensities of football, causes many players gather a tremendous amount of stress that can take a toll on the team. Many players say they do have troubles balancing their personal life and their football career. Maintaining their GPA, focusing on college and jobs, is already a task on it’s own, players have massive amounts of pressure that may affect their plays.

Overall the players and coaches have high exceptions to fill for Chelsea High School, and their dreams look to become reality.