Music to my ears

Ben Barrett and Olivia Hand, Reporters

When listening to the radio do you ever wonder how the beats sound so blended? Producers and music recorders make the beats interfuse together for a stable sound.

At Chelsea there is an opportunity to do just that for all grades with the studio class. There isn’t a need for high expertise of an instrument in this class. The class ranges in diversity from rappers to singer/songwriters. Bringing hobbies from home to school has terrific benefits to the students.

As teacher of this elective, Mr. Robbie Kirk guides his students in making their hobbies superior. Mr.Kirk said, “At the end of the year I would like all of my students to be able to record audio and be able to edit audio and video.”

Mr. Kirk has had experience with the topic of recording on his own time. Shortly after he started recording himself, his interests became popular. He even got an article written about him and his future to be brother in law in the newspaper. Unfortunately, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) saw it and told him that he couldn’t record within his house. Mr. Kirk and his brother in law bought a recording studio downtown and renovated it so that it had an all H venue.

A student in studio class, James Berryhill acknowledged, “This class is such an advantage to what I absolutely love to do, express my musical persona.” Expression in music is important to these students at Chelsea High School. Encouragement in the public to do what you love will help you make your own decisions.

The great fundamentals of this class is to learn music and how to record. Mr. Kirk would love to take his class of six to ten students on a school expedition to UAB ( University of Alabama at Birmingham), where they have many students who enroll in classes that deal with studio work for future careers. Mr. Kirk believes this would be a clear asset to their knowledge.

This class assists students with many different music taste and levels of experience who want to know how to record and incorporate their own personal preferences into music.

Like Plato said “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”