SGA wants you!

Emily Johnson and Isabelle Browning, Reporters

Do you enjoy being a leader? Bettering our school community? Do you enjoy organizing events? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider joining Student Government Association.  Mrs. Julie Miller, who is the head of SGA, took time recently to talk to the Buzz about Chelsea’s SGA.

“SGA is our Student Government Association. Anything where our student body comes together as a whole to support our school, SGA is going to play a part in organizing that,” Mrs. Miller said. “The main event for which we come together is homecoming. Homecoming is a whole week of activities that SGA organizes.”

Mrs. Miller is the faculty sponsor for SGA.
Mrs. Miller is the faculty sponsor for SGA.

Other activities that you will play a role in planning as a member of SGA will be the Class Olympics, the themes for the Homecoming dress up days, and monthly help for different organizations in our school community.

To join SGA you must start as a freshmen representative by applying for a position, giving a speech in front of your class, and being elected. As a representative, you play an important role in planning future school events and sharing your opinion on what is happening in the school. Once you have been a freshmen representative, you can apply for an officer position your sophomore through senior years.

SGA meets in Mrs.Miller’s classroom during seventh period, or through technology. The number of members in SGA varies from 15-­30 people. “SGA always wants and needs more people to apply,” Mrs.Miller said. “We want a diverse group of students represented within our student government, because that better reflects the opinion of the students within the school. So please apply.”

If you are interested in joining SGA, contact Mrs.Miller to let her know your interest in joining the club.