2015-2016 lockers & parking info

We are going to post a Google Form for student lockers and another form for student parking spots. Please check Edmodo and/or www.chelseabuzz.com for more details.

We will post forms on Edmodo and here – Trucks’ Stop section – each Monday

  1. Students will be required to use their individual shelbyed.org email address
  2. Senior selections (both): June 15th @ 8am until June 18th @ 11:59pm
  3. Junior selections (both): June 22nd @ 8am until June 25th @ 11:59pm
  4. Sophomore selections (lockers): June 29th @ 8am until July 2nd @ 11:59pm
  5. Freshmen selections (lockers): July 6th @ 8am until July 9th @ 11:59pm


Fees for lockers and/or parking will be collected at Registration – spots will be forfeited if payment is not submitted by the end of registration


There will be NO PARKING for Sophomores and/or Freshmen


Eligible students will be allowed 1 choice for each – and 1 choice only


The locker form will take a few moments to display – top lockers have odd numbers, bottom lockers have even numbers


Good luck!