“Little Women” by Charlie Honea


Joy Kim, CHHS Class of 2017

Despite illness and death

Heartbreak and loneliness

We sisters march on

Till the bleakness of hope glimmers in the morning sun

A friend’s love not returned

Nevertheless there is still a love

But tis I am not in love

Nor ever will be with you

I see your pale face

Suffering etched in your young yet old wrinkles

The twinkle of your eyes still shines in the moonlight

I will return to you dear sister

Death takes a whimsical soul

A sister that cannot be replaced

No dreams made, as though you knew the end were coming

And you were so strong through it all

From a young little girl

I am now a Little Woman

Thanks to you dear hardships

I know pain and blessings alike

A friend off in the world

Left me behind with his heartbreak

With my own heart hung heavily in the shadows

A life not of my own choosing, but tis my own living

I found my love for you surprising

But I caught it with my heart and held fast to it

I settled down into a merry happiness

And there I found contentment, with my Little Women.


— Charlie Honea, CHHS Class of 2017