A look at the cast of Oklahoma


The Chelsea High School theatre department will perform Oklahoma this weekend, with three performances open to the public.

The show will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, with two showings set for Saturday – 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for students.


Here’s a look at the cast of the play:

jada f

Jada Foster, Junior, plays well-respected community leader Aunt Eller.  Jada identifies with this character because “she is kind of the mother of the town. I connect with that because in my regular life I’m a mother-type figure and she really connects with me because that’s my personality. Also, she’s very spunky and very ‘out there’.  She’s not ashamed of who she is and I love Aunt Eller.  I love playing her.”

josh e

Joshua Eubanks, Sophomore, plays cowboy Will Parker, who he characterizes as “a shallow, one-sided, crazy, stupid goofball.” He like playing this role because it lets him “forget about being a deep person and be stupid.”

madison c

Madison Cain, Senior, plays farm girl Gertie Cummings, who she says “is a very flirtatious character and she has a very annoying laugh, and I like playing her because her laugh is so much fun. I just have a ton of laughs …[it’s] just a new annoyance level.”

stephen o

Steven Overlaur, Senior, plays cowboy Curly McLain.  Steven says, “Curly and I are a lot different because he’s very prideful and overly confident… and I’m not, but I think that’s the fun part about it, stretching yourself to try and be someone that you aren’t usually.”

brittany h

Brittany Hylton, Junior, plays flirtatious Ado Annie Carnes.  She says playing this role is fun because she’s “so opposite of me…. It’s really fun being someone that I’m not.”  Personality-wise, Brittany says, “we’re very similar in the way that we act, kind of happy-go-lucky, but the actions that she takes are very different from ones that I would ever take.”

sarah h

Sarah Hyde, Junior, plays independent-minded Laurey Williams.  She’s so excited to play this major characters because “she’s a kid. She’s spunky and she has a bunch of feelings.  It’s fun to act out what she feels.  It’s interesting.”